New Edition: She Had Some Horses

Book Cover: New Edition: She Had Some Horses

First published in 1983 and now considered a classic, She Had Some Horses is a powerful exploration of womanhood's most intimate moments. Joy Harjo's words speak of women's despair, of their imprisonment and ruin at the hands of men and society, but also of their awakenings, power, and love.

W.W. Norton

Should I dream you afraid so that you are forced to save yourself?
Or should you ride colored horses into the cutting edge of the sky
to know that we're alive
we are alive.

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  1. I share some of the same topics in my short story poetry. I would like to share a few, but there is no email to send to. I have a story about horses, a woman who fell from the sky, Hozro, white sands world & others. My book, Excursions of the Mind will be released next month. (yet under construction)…….

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