We encounter shifts in our lives that assure we transform and are transformed. They might appear as deaths, of family, friends or others, and/or deaths within ourselves of ideas, tightly held beliefs, or some part of the self. There is often pain involved, and/or a vision that stops you because it contradicts, enlarges or goes […]

We’ve always been taught that leadership qualities include humility, compassion, a sense of fairness, the ability to listen, preparation and carry-through, a love for the people, and a strong spiritual center which begins with a connection to Earth. So many of our stories are built around what happens to braggarts, bullies, and those who are […]

I’m quitting Facebook for awhile. Facebook scatters my thoughts far afield. I’m not reading, thinking, dreaming; I am not paddling beyond the shallows. The frequency of chatter is beguiling. There’s community, catch up, even real news. I’ve followed Standing Rock that way–and friends and family. Taking a break so I can get work done, write, […]

Last night practiced targets in the garage with a BB gun pistol. It reminded me of focus and intent. This morning up at 6:30AM. Went to hardware store for building supplies for a patio build out. Had to load in heavy north winds. They too are focused with intent to get where they are going south […]

This morning as I put in a load of laundry, memories emerged from the clothes I’d worn at a conference. All the memories from there were good except for one. The strange attack from this person I did not know haunted me. I had let it go because I didn’t want to carry it, only […]

It’s five p.m.. My eyes are blurry from the computer screen. I’ve been revising my musical-to-be, cataloguing a song list, considering a drastic, mythical net in the rewrite, and contemplating police brutality. Like many other natives I’ve been witness to massive injustice when it comes to natives and the police. Was harassed in Albuquerque by a […]