Last night practiced targets in the garage with a BB gun pistol. It reminded me of focus and intent. This morning up at 6:30AM. Went to hardware store for building supplies for a patio build out. Had to load in heavy north winds. They too are focused with intent to get where they are going south […]

This morning as I put in a load of laundry, memories emerged from the clothes I’d worn at a conference. All the memories from there were good except for one. The strange attack from this person I did not know haunted me. I had let it go because I didn’t want to carry it, only […]

It’s five p.m.. My eyes are blurry from the computer screen. I’ve been revising my musical-to-be, cataloguing a song list, considering a drastic, mythical net in the rewrite, and contemplating police brutality. Like many other natives I’ve been witness to massive injustice when it comes to natives and the police. Was harassed in Albuquerque by a […]

In the late eighties in Denver I got front row seats to a comedy extravaganza, that included many of the best comics in the business, including Louie Anderson and Robin Williams. I was stunned by Robin William’s brilliance. No one could touch him at improv. Improv, whether it be comedy, words or music demands that […]

Even an individual is a field of many world. A couple makes a world. A whole family is a world, a society, a generation. When I create I enter into a different world and that world sings to me, it teaches me. As many artists, I am often aware of not being understood, or even accepted […]

He played a few jazz standards, but mostly those tunes the people would know who changed buses there. Nice tone. And there’s something about a lone horn player standing at the corner of our lives. I went out walking and talked to him. His name is Leroy. No band, or band in the works, just […]

Today is Martin Luther King Day. It’s a day to celebrate the fight for justice, to acknowledge Dr. King’s legacy and the struggle for freedom and equality by African Americans in this country. I keep thinking of my cousin John Jacobs, one of my favorite relatives. He was one of the people who exemplified what […]