Even an individual is a field of many world. A couple makes a world. A whole family is a world, a society, a generation. When I create I enter into a different world and that world sings to me, it teaches me. As many artists, I am often aware of not being understood, or even accepted […]

He played a few jazz standards, but mostly those tunes the people would know who changed buses there. Nice tone. And there’s something about a lone horn player standing at the corner of our lives. I went out walking and talked to him. His name is Leroy. No band, or band in the works, just […]

Today is Martin Luther King Day. It’s a day to celebrate the fight for justice, to acknowledge Dr. King’s legacy and the struggle for freedom and equality by African Americans in this country. I keep thinking of my cousin John Jacobs, one of my favorite relatives. He was one of the people who exemplified what […]