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  1. I am looking for a poem which I remember repeatedly uses the phrase “shadow indians.” I think it might be Ms. Harjo’s. I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

      • I’m new to blogs, this is my first “entry,” first attempt at one, We’ll see how it goes. In a long list of blogs, many of poets I have known and been friends with for years, it was yours, Joy, that moved me to start. It was your mention here of Paula Gunn Allen. I have a poem dedicated to her in Naked to the Earth (Wild Ocean Press, 2017), “The Hidden Reservation of Our Town.” Our town is Fort Bragg California, ten miles north of Mendocino on the Northern California coast. I don’t think I ever met her but read her and about her for years. I was stunned to learn that she retired (from the U. of NM?) to Fort Bragg, lived, as I read in one of the local newspapers, in a mobile home park there. Her mobile home caught fire — that was the news and how I learned she was there. I wasn’t living in the area at the time–for years I lived on the road, but always knew the Mendocino Coast as my home, returning often. Writing on the headlands in my vans. I hoped to find her–my shyness as usual slowing me–and then, a shock, I read that she died. Again I learned this in the local newspaper. I know of no one who knew her or of her. There is a tiny Mendocino Reservation in Fort Bragg of which I learned when I was writing Hard Country, coming across a map with it noted. All those years ago. and, probably, the map was old. It has never been on a map of the area that I’ve seen since, nor have I ever heard reference to, now or then, by even the most radical, politically activists, Fort Bragg was founded in 1852 by the Army to round-up, imprison, and kill the Natives. One of the most horrific accounts of the American genocide I’ve read tells is of the Fort Bragg-Covelo massacre. (An American Genocide by Benjamin Madley, Yale University. 2016.) The hidden Mendocino Reservation is the home of the few remaining. Natives. It’s located “above the wild sea, a narrow strip/northwest of the harbor mouth….”. right on the edge, the headland/bluff itself on which the infamous mill was located for over a century. Again, I never knew of it. Anyway, knowing that Paula Gunn Allen was buried in Ft Bragg I went looking for her. Here’s the dedication, and if I can get it on, I will put the entire poem. “for poet Paula Gunn Allen, October 24, 1939-May 29, 2008, Rose Memorial Cemetery, Fort Bragg, California.”

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