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Guns, Heavy Winds, and Going with the Story of Life

Last night practiced targets in the garage with a BB gun pistol. It reminded me of focus and intent. This morning up at 6:30AM. Went to hardware store for ...

On April 3, 2015 / By

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    Red Dreams, Trail Beyond Tears

    These are songs of honor and acknowledge those who inspire and lead us forward through the rough trails of life. “Dragonfly, Dragonfly” was a promise to a dragonfly. ...

    On January 21, 2014 / By
  • JH_FeaturedSquare_Winding
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    Winding Through The Milky Way

    An album of new songs coming from the heart of the Earth. The opening song reaching into our primordial center and pulling forward into the conscious, the memories ...

    On January 21, 2014 / By
  • JH_FeaturedSquare_ThisAmerica
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    This America

    The soul of America is indigenous. Indigenous thought, presence and sound is at the root and meaning of what it is to be America. The tune is soulful, ...

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    Crazy Brave

    In this transcendent memoir, grounded in tribal myth and ancestry, music and poetry, Joy Harjo, one of the leading Native American voices, details her journey to becoming a ...

    On January 24, 2014 / By
  • JH_FeaturedSquare_SoulTalkSoulLanguage
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    Soul Talk Soul Language

    “In Soul Talk Joy Harjo provides a rare and treasurable acoustic: the sound of an artist and woman thinking for herself, and for us. Never afraid of large ...

    On January 24, 2014 / By
  • JH_FeaturedSquare_SheHadSomeHorses
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    New Edition: She Had Some Horses

    First published in 1983 and now considered a classic, She Had Some Horses is a powerful exploration of womanhood’s most intimate moments. Joy Harjo’s words speak of women’s despair, ...

    On January 24, 2014 / By

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