July 30, 2019 Tuesday at dusk.   This time I stopped a hurtful comment in time before it could enter my electrical skin. We have different layers of skins. I saw that the comment had a twist, meant to hurt. No, I told it. You cannot enter here. It got confused. It wanted to live. […]

There are challenging moments when you realize that you are no longer in control of the telling of your story, when false rumors, gossip or other tales return to you and are taken as truth. Recently an author came out with a book about the University of Iowa Writers Workshop.In a review were several false […]

“Joy Harjo is a world treasure, rare and formidable amongst poets writing today, with a voice equal parts wise woman, jazz, rain, and earth. Her collected poems bring together the full range of her work, an impressive spectrum of word magic that is timeless, necessary, and informed by the history of her people, traditions of […]

About this Episode: In this episode of VIDA Voices and Views, produced by R. J. Jeffreys, Melissa Studdard speaks with celebrated poet, author, musician, and playwright, Joy Harjo, who talks about topics ranging from sources of inspiration to the power of language to effect change. About Joy Harjo: Poet, author, musician, and playwright Joy Harjo […]

Change rides in on many speeds. Lightning speed and we change worlds of perception overnight. We can suddenly lose everything, or gain what we have always hoped and dreamed. Some changes take centuries to reveal themselves. Islands of trash plastic float in the seas where trash has been dumped for centuries. We will experience more […]