July 30, 2019 Tuesday at dusk.


This time I stopped a hurtful comment in time before it could enter my electrical skin. We have different layers of skins. I saw that the comment had a twist, meant to hurt. No, I told it. You cannot enter here. It got confused. It wanted to live. I could send it back. But I care about the sender. I don’t want her hurt. I put the arrow in a box. This box was made of words like dusk, kindness, gourd vines. This box of words will protect me. When I have understanding, then the box will disappear.


Poetry taught me this.





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  1. Dear Joy ……

    Thank you.
    I have been to Tulsa twice this summer. Going back to Oklahoma,,
    My early childhood… Tryon, Stroud,
    And now this good reminder from you. Thank you.
    Daughter of
    Wynema also.

  2. Post dusk….
    Boxes contain words lest they speak/spill before time
    Arrows in boxes cannot pierce hearts
    Your compassion dissolves the square of sharp to a circle
    Your waiting is the point
    Your kindness

    Thank you

  3. Dear Joy,
    I am sorry and proud that you put the arrow in the box. I am not so kind or patient or compassionate. I let the arrow fly. I will suffer the consequences gladly. Even Jesus had enough with the bs of people and their cruel ways.
    You are a Light in the darkness.
    Than k you.
    Helen Frances

  4. I love these words, I will read them over and over and let them touch my mind and heart, the words allow us to protect ourselves in the clenches.
    I also care about the sender, but I care about my own heart more. That way I can be strong enough to send out signals of love and endurance out into the universe
    for ourselves and our children.
    Thank you Joy for all that you do.

  5. You have a wonderful way of saying exactly what I need to hear, exactly when I need to hear it! What would I do without your wisdom?! — I was born 5th gen Oklahoman, now stuck in Florida, and I’m working my way back. Maybe one more year and I can come home!! Thank you SO much for being my lifeline!!!! And immense congratulations on being appointed US Poet Laureate! I jumped up and down squealing and shouting in the kitchen when I heard the news on NPR! Mvto!

  6. I love your imagery. Box. Arrow. electrical skin. Understanding. disappear.
    Totally food for thought. and protection.

  7. This bright idea of diverting and dissolving outrageous word-arrows with a simple box wrapped with nicer words like dusk, kindness and gourd vines, appeals to me like beating swords into plowshares.

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