Joy Harjo Interview in Shenandoah


Memory, a Living Being: A Conversation with Joy Harjo

On February 11, 2019, Joy Harjo visited Washington and Lee University as part of the Mudd Center’s exploration of The Ethics of Identity. Three Shenandoah interns—James Ricks, Mara Efimov, and Arthur Rodrigues—sat down to talk with her. The conversation was later edited and expanded into the version you see here.

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  1. Hello Joy Harjo, I recently read Crazy Brave and it was definitely one of the “I couldn’t put it down” great books I have read. After looking you up online and finding your blog, I follow you. I am from Oklahoma and lived in Tulsa since 1957 til 1966. With much family still located in Tulsa, I visit frequently. In the Shenandoah interview you posed the question, “will America always accept the white male point of view over indigenous folk, etc. ? I am now reading a book that I feel might give you hope concerning this unjust way we live in America. Trust me, I realize I am completely overstepping the boundary here, but nonetheless decided to take the risk. The book is Wild Mercy by Mirabai Starr. She is from Taos and has written other books. She is also a poet. I never heard of her before reading this book. I am awestruck by her talent and how she has instilled in me that maybe, just maybe it is time for the feminine to lead us to a better world. I hope you might check her out on her website and view one of her videos. As for me, I am an older “girl” ( graduated in 1957 from Pawhuska High) with a dream that in my lifetime we can see the beginnings of a just and lovingAmerica! Continuing to follow your blog and sending Much Metta, Redema Seals

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