Letter From The End of the Twentieth Century

Joy Harjo & Poetic Justice

“The best dub poetry album
recorded in North America.”
— Pulse Magazine


This is Joy Harjo’s acclaimed first CD of music which garnered many awards and cool reviews.


From the liner notes: The term poetic justice is a term of grace, expressing how justice can appear in the wolrd despite forces of confusion and destruction. The band takes its name from this term because…(we) have wored for justice in our lives, through any means possible including the music.

The music that speaks for us is a blend of influences that speak of community, love for the people, for all creatures, and of the sacred. These musics are our respective tribal musics, from Muscogee, Northern Plains, Hopi to Navajo; reggae, a music born of the indomitable spirit of a tribal people in a colonized land, jazz, a music born of the need to sing by African peoples in this country, a revolutionary movement of predominately African sources influenced by Europe and the southern tribes, and rock and blues, musics cradled in the south that speak of our need to move with heart and soul through this land, this spiral of life. We are forged by this dance for justice and the absolute need to sing.

Joy Harjo and Poetic Justice
Mekko Productions  2002
Silverwave Records 1997
Red Horses Records 1995

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Music with a sense of beauty, intelligence and humanity — iTunes,

Joy’s horn playing and poetry are simply wonderful, and is nothing less than a tour de force that represents the magic and poetry of what it means to be a part of a group that has managed to stay alive, to exist, to make a space for themselves, to assert her music with a sense of beauty, intelligence and humanity. I think that her poetry in this collection might be about trying to make sense of the senseless; maybe not, I’m not sure. The collection of songs are more interconnected in a rarefied manner that is reminiscent of how Marvin Gaye’s classic “What’s Going On” classic album worked so well together. Her music is the heart that pumps all else. …More

I love this album! Its unlike any type of music I’ve heard before- and i rarely find something i can say that about. it’s elegant poetry mixed with inventive beats. i already bought two more albums. — iTunes,